Friday, 10 August 2018

Kiwi Can

This week Learning Space 2 Group B, had Kiwi Can. At Kiwi Can we talked about resilience which is our theme, resilience is when you, never give up, for an example, its when you have difficulties with a challenge that you set up and recovering back from the high energy you had before. Our topic was goals, goals are something really special, because they are something you want to archive. When I grow up I want to be a basketball player, for me to become a basketball player I have to set up the smaller goals, to achieve the bigger goals. The smaller goals is like saying shoot a 3 pointer everyday, that will help you because, you are setting up a challenge for yourself, that challenge will help you improve on your bigger goals. We also had 2 games, our first game was called snatch, in the game snatch, you have form a circle, and there will be cones around the circle in the middle. When Mr Matt says go you have to try snatch a cone, but also try not to get manipulated, because Mr Matt will say something like toe moe gol which is similar to go. We also played Destiny Child which was a really fun, we had to split up to 2 equal teams. One team had shoot the ball, and the other team had to run, running team had to run around the courts before the Shooters get a hoop, if the shooters get a hoop while someones running, then you have to stand still. The last player is called Destiny's Child, the Destiny Child is used to unfreeze the players who got out from the shooters. Our team was the winner in Destiny's child, as we had all our players return to the finish line.

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