Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Godilocks Story

One day morning a girl named Goldilocks was lost in the middle of the forest she panicked and started to get scared. She then began to smell a good taste of a sweet, yummy, honey, chocolate muffin smell she than saw a cottage. After she found a window open and smelled the taste coming from that window she then went into the window.

Soon as the sun went down she checked if there was anyone in the cottage but it was empty like a boat. So she went in the cottage and saw 3 bowls of porridge. There was a papa bear size, mama bear size, and a baby bear size. She first tried the big sized bowl but it was to hot so she then tried the medium sized bowl but it was too cold. She then tried the small sized bowl ‘MM this is just right’

After she went into the lounge she saw 3 chairs a papa sized bear chair, mama sized bear chair and a baby sized bear chair. She first sat on the big sized chair but it was too hard. She then tried the medium sized chair but it was too soft. She then saw one more chair  and it was a small sized chair. She sat on it , ‘yes this is just right’ but she was too heavy and the chair broke ‘Ouch’

Goldilocks went up stairs and saw 3 different sized beds, a papa bear bed, mama bear bed and a baby bear bed. She first tried to sleep on the big sized bed but it was too hard, so she moved to the medium sized bed but it was too soft. There was only one bed left and it was a small sized bed so she lay on it and she said ‘This it just right’. She fell asleep.

Five hours later the three bears came back from the chocolate muffin party. They opened the door and saw their porridge had been eaten. Papa bear said ‘who has been eating my porridge’? Baby bear cried because someone had eaten all his porridge. All mama bear said was, ‘this is so bad’.  

The three bears went into the lounge and saw a mess in the lounge. Papa bear said ‘who has been sitting on my chair?’ Baby bear cried because his chair was broken.

The three bears went upstairs to the bedroom and saw the beds were messy. Papa bear said ‘who dares sleep on my bed?’ Baby bear told mama and papa that there was someone sleeping on his bed. Goldilocks woke up and saw the three bears around her. She screamed ‘help help help’ and ran away. She never ever came back to that area, definitely not to the cottage.