Friday, 19 May 2017

Waste Game

Today I was learning about waste.
I was playing a game that includes trash and waste. 
I played garbage dream first because it looked interesting.
The thing I learnt from this game was that if you put things in the wrong rubbish things can get Missy
The second game I played was school yard recycling.
This game was interesting if you put it in the wrong bin it can get polluted.       

Describing Character

LI: To write a character description.

Today I was learning about what is a figurative language. I learnt that figurative language is part of a metaphor, understatement, Simile, personification and a hyperbole. I also learnt that literal writing is less descriptive than figurative language.

I learnt this information while doing my writing description about my character. I also got this  information while getting an idea from Mr Ogilvie.

Joseph Kyle Mewburn.png

Friday, 12 May 2017

What Is Waste

LI: To identify sources of waste  

I was learning about what is waste. Waste is things you don’t really need, For An Example if someone is eating food and they say it yuck and they throw in the bin when there are still parts to eat that waste. I learned that there are more than 500,000 rubbish in the world

I learned this while using google drawing and I learnt this while getting help from a site. I also learnt this while working with a partner.

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse- Mele,Joseph,Alayah and Sandra.png

Golden Eggs

LI: To investigate figurative language.

I was learning about what is a figurative language. I also learned that a simile has a like or as in it sentences.
I learned using figurative language while playing a game with Mr O. I also learned this while using a story web template.

-Story Web Template (1).png


LI: To learn about the amount of waste we produce

We were learning about waste.

Today we were doing a experience with Learning Space 1. We were picking up the rubbishes from all the classes. We were also choose which rubbish we wanted to pick, for an example we picked up fruits only.

Our group picked up 310 organic stuff, this was hard because there were a lot of rubbish and there were lot of people mashing up together. We also had to wear gloves so we don't get our hands dirty and so we don't get germs and spread it around to other people.   

There were four different groups Organic, Recycle  and 2 group had solid but different kind of stuff. This was fun because it was gross and yuck


Friday, 5 May 2017

Word Web

-[Joseph] Word Webs (1).png

LI: To Self monitor our understanding.

I learned to relate words in the same topic. My topic was about a book called carrot top.

I learned this while using word web template.

Story Web

LI:To Identify the parts of a narrative.

I have been learning about a book named a poor shot, The book a poor shot is about a prince named William who always misses  the targets with a bow when he goes with his two brothers and the king to hunt.

I learnt this from the book named a poor shot. I also learned this while I was using the story web template.

The Lifted Lorax

[Joseph and Joel] The Lorax.png

LI: To Identify the responsibility ,Causation and Connection of the issue.

I learned that if you cut trees it can affect the environment and it can kill the organisms living inside it.

I learned from this story lorax  that if you cut trees it can affect the environment and it can kill the organisms living inside it.