Thursday, 29 March 2018

Treaty of Waitangi

   Today at reading Mataio, Jeremiah and I  were reading the treaty of waitangi books and were researching about it, to find out about the benefits about the the treaty of waitangi and the negatives. This task wasn't challenging because the resarching was easy and fun.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Character Description

As I see a tunnel in a forest I begin to think harder and harder. Why is there a weird looking tunnel in the middle of the forest? Although there is a tunnel, the tunnel doesn’t really look a tunnel due to the fact that the tunnel is made out of wood, twigs and vines that are not fully connected to each other. I found the tunnel scary. As I looked at the tunnel I found out that the wood and vines from the tunnel were actually wet and old. I wondered if there could be something close by. I heard a girl voice coming closer. “Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy”

Friday, 2 March 2018

Wood Tech Art

This is my work from tech, if you have been wondering what it is, the picture represents a dog. At tech our teacher is Mr Grundy, Mr Grundy teaches Woodtech, which is something fun to make out of wood to metal. For an example I am going to make this dog, the reason why I chose a dog for my picture, is because my mum loves dog and this photo, has a right angle of detail. So what Im going to do is i'm actually going to have to trace around this dog by place a thin piece of wood that is shaped as a square, then I am going to use a special sawing machine to cut my piece of traced art. After Mr Grundy will ask if it looks great, then he will pour in some melted hot metal, Soon you have to wait for about 15 minutes, then the picture that you made is perfectly stoned.

Agents of Change

Have you been wondering how to be a Agent of change, well I've got a few tips or tricks, you could say. that would help you. Everyone has a goal in life time, by accomplishing your goal, you have to be a Agents of Change, even if you have to be a Agent of Change at Home, Public and Anywhere, you just need to learn how to behave like a Agent of Change. For an example you could help your mom clean her room or help your sister dry her hair, its simple.