Tuesday, 18 June 2019


This week we had a special guest named Chloe, she flew from Wellington to Auckland. Chloe was teaching us ballet, she taught us dance moves that were included with our choreography dance we were going to perform. This was the first time I experienced how ballet felt, it was quite difficult as you sometimes had to be flexible to perform a specific move, but it was usually fun. What I found cool was how we had to make our own pose during the choreography dance. What was really difficult at some point was kicking up in the air and rolling around the ground. Thank you Chloe for teaching us ballet and for making it fun.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Waltzing Matilda

This week for reading, we talked about the main idea about Waltzing Matilda. We also had to back up our main idea by writing down true details from the text. We then made a summary DLO about Waltzing Matilda. In this DLO we added 20 important words, which we then narrowed down to 6 most important words out of the 20. Using those 6 words, we had to make a summary about the poem, Waltzing Matilda. The poem was about a Swagman who stole a sheep from a farmer, which the farmer than called the troops to catch him. The Swagman was well aware that the troops was under his tail, until he escaped them and was never seen again.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Maths Vocabulary

Today for maths we were learning about maths vocabulary, as an example we needed to think of all the different greetings that people use, from hi to namaste and even slang like gidday. Afterwards we needed to fill in a table with the maths related words next to it, in order to decide on where the words should go Te Pounamu, Joseph and I talked to each other and recorded our conversation with screencastify.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Literary Devices

This week for reading we were challenged by Mrs Anderson to make a DLO about Literary Devices but only on a google document. This challenge was quite hard because usually I make a DLO on google drawing which google drawing has lots of creative things. In our DLO we showed explanations, examples and a picture to give the reader a big thinking.

Here is the link to my DLO.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Stardome Trip

On Thursday Night the LS2 Year 7/8 went to the stardome observatory. The purpose of this event was mainly to learn about space. We left school at 5:30 and left the observatory at 7:20. There is lot of information about planets which you can explore and learn all around. We were first got introduced to a animation which was casted and shown by Tobias. This animation showed us how constellations work, constellations are stars that are formed to its identified figure, there are different mythology meaning, different cultures have different beliefs. They also showcased a close up look towards Jupiter and Saturn.     

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Introducing Penguins

This week we gathered information about penguin, then we used that information for our planning. The reason why we planned, is because we were trying a challenge, which was, we could only use information gathered from our planning to make a infographic. The three main three property we used were Appearance, Diet and Habitat.

Introducing Penguins

Is it just me or are we both clueless for not realizing that a weird walking animal named penguin is a type of bird. Penguins are different to ordinary birds as they can not fly or glide, they don’t even have Wings and are completely flightless. Penguins are aquatic creatures and have flippers to swim they're way through the water which is often called (rocket). They’re often hunted by sea lions, some may have had brutal deaths. The scientific name for penguins are recognised as Spheniscidae.

Penguins are bigger and taller than normal birds, nearly all type of penguins have an black back and white in the front as feathers.

As all birds have, a penguin has a yellow beak. Some penguins even have patterns, like the humboldt penguin. They even have flippers.

The emperor penguin is considered the tallest and heaviest among all penguins. The smallest penguin is called the little penguin.

Penguin life is truly sad being the favourite food of an Leopard sea Lion. (Sea Lion)

Penguins mainly eat fish, but can also consume Squid, Krill and Crustacean as an diet.

Crustacean is a Type of Animal that lives in the water and is a type of aquatic. A common thing people do, is misunderstand Crustacean for an prawn.

“Never knew a type of bird lived in antarctica”  “me either”, “I’d expect any type of bird frozen to death by the time the clock has past 30 minutes”
Antarctica is a freezing place (ice biome) it contains lots of high ice structures and spices well known as penguins.

Antarctica is not the only habitat where penguins take on, there are many countries where penguins live in, but they are usually different types.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Night Light

This term for reading we were reading books about space which is our topic for inquiry. We read lots of different books like, The Problem with Pluto, Return Ticket, Please!, Night Light and a few more options. There were also 6 main responses, each response had different challenges for us to use the information we gathered by the text. We also had to comment on people's responses to learn how to have a Dialogic Conversation. As you can see the DLO that I have created is a challenge from 1 of 6 selections of responses.