Wednesday, 4 July 2018


This week for maths, LS2 have been working collaborating by being splitting up to 9 groups. Our topic was about M&M. As you can see our DLO has facts and the history of when M&M were made, and how it started as a thing. Did you know that Mars, the owner of M&M, saw soldiers eating smaries during the spanish civil war. Then mars thought of an idea, Mars thought of covering the Smarties with a special type of shell, which would prevent the smarties from melting from the sun.


This week on wednesday I have been working on my Matariki DLO. As you can see , there is a photo which shows the people I have been contributing with for this task. For Mataki we are celebrating it by having sausage sizzle, this sausage sizzle event is hosted by Fire Odi, kapa haka will also be performing. In our Matariki information poster, we had to explain what matariki is, when it happens and why its important maori.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Casey and Jeff/ Animated Story Example

This is an example of an animated story that i recreated from a progam called stratch. As we were using the progam stratch it was diffiucult  to use coding. The compoents used to create this story includes: Speech bubles, Characters, Backdrops, Coding, Effects. This animated story was also incompleted but was purposely posted for a example of how a Animated story works using stratch. The codes I used to recreate the story include: Event,  Looks, Green Flag, Red Flag, Script. The looks script to enable the sprites to talk,  Events script to start the story, Control script to enable a pause bewtween a Character or to repeat a word a Characters said. I enjoyed using stratch, as I learnt how to code.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Tech - Reflection

This week for Tech, LS2 year 7 went to Digital Tech, we created a DLO and brain stormed places that are within the area of the tamaki community, then we created a document and typed about what our topic is going to be about in tamaki community, my topic was about students that are age 5 to 13, and how they had to stop littering as it will create a world with polluted air, once thats happen our world would be extinct as everyone would of been killed of what they had been breathing in and out. After that we created a google sheet and had a list of things we had been planning about.


Kiwi Can

This week at kiwi can, we have a new value which is called accountability. For an example if you are using accountability to a person, you are owing up to something you caused, if you aren't using accountability, you would blame someone for something they aren't responsible for. There are also tips that should be used when having accountability, waking up before the bell rings when tech begins or school time, getting prepared for school time or stationary, getting your chromebook charged before school starts, using agent of change to become someone new. The game we played was called green lights, first you had to pick a partner, then you had to choose between you or your partner who's going to become number 1 or number 2, after the partner that was slotted as number 1 would have to be at the front and the partner that was slotted as number 2 had to be behind.  As you played green light, if  green lights was called out everyone had to switch places with their partners. If called red card every number 2 had to jump on top pf number 2 back and had to be stabilized for  3 seconds. When Yellow light was called out, slot number 1 had to knee down and the number 2 had to set on the number 1 knee. Then, if called out fruit salad, number 1 had to run around the circle and back to their spot. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Colloquialism and Slang DLO

 During reading today our group learnt about Colloquialisms and Slang. By creating this dlo we were able to make a stronger connection about these two language we have learnt about. We have worked together by talking about our understandings together as a group.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Parent Interview

On thursday afternoon, I went to the parent interview with my mum. Before I went to the parent interview I had a shower, then brushed my hair and then off to the interview. The first thing I did as I went into LS2, I stopped and said Hi to Mrs Kirkpatrick and Mrs Anderson. Then I got my script and then showed my mum around the classroom telling her examples of things we have been learning about. I then introduced my mum to Mrs KirkPatrick and Mrs Anderson. After few minutes between my mum and the teachers talking to each other, my mum was pleased off what I had shown her and proved her that I am trustable.