Monday, 17 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey 2

Panmure is my hometown, it is special to me because it has been my childhood place. It is also quiet and calm which makes it even more special to me. I describe Panmure as a fun and a faithful place. It is also a nice happy place with lots of polite people. Panmure to me is the dictionary of wonderful because all the things that were mentioned are true.

Summer Learning Journey Activity 1

1. The Maori name of New Zealand is Aotearoa which means the land of the long white cloud.
2. There are no snakes in the country!
3. 30% of the country is forest.

Today for the first summer learning journey we had to find three fact about New Zealand I find three interesting fact about New Zealand and I just found out that aotearoa mean the land of the long white cloud.   

Blog Commenting

This week I blog commented on Alex blog because I found his blog interstying.

Blog Commenting

This week I commented on Alex, because I found his work really interesting.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Read Theory - Progess

Today LS2 were checking in their read theory progress. When I first started read theory I was on grade 2, then on July I went up to grade 3 and on November I leveled up to grade 4. I am proud of my outcome results. As you can see, I have made paragraph showing my results. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

WW1/ Who were the Allied Forces?

Today we have been learning more about WW1. We have listed many questions we would like to figure out. Our main question was, who were the allied forces? This question was something our group talked about, and was something we could agree with to have a understanding to our answer. We also had photos of the countries that were allies with great britain to support the main subject of Who were the Allied Forces? 

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice Commemoration

Until the date of sunday comes upon it will be 100 years since WW1 ended. Today our entire school shared their respects towards Armistice day. We made poppies and placed it on a cross, all the poppies were given respect to the fallen soldiers. We also had to be silenced for a whole minute and had to think about all the soldiers who had fallen through  WW1. We will remember them, We will remember them and Lest we Forget.