Friday, 7 July 2017

Combined Weight

LI: To measure our weight using scales.

This week on Friday I have been working on my maths, Today the group of people I was working with were Karlos, Peter and Te Pounamu. We had to measure our weight on a scale, then we had to add all of our group members weight together. After we added our groups members weight we had to try to equal the same amount of weight to a Cheetah or a Gray Wolf with our group members weight. This task was hard because we had to do a lot of adding up and a lot of subtracting. The thing I found easy was to get the weight of the animal and the plane. I learnt this by using additional skills and using subtraction skills, I also learnt this by getting an idea from Mr Wong. I also learnt the weight of an cheetah by google.  I also learnt this by getting help by Karlos and Peter, I also got help from the Learning Space One math's site.

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