Friday, 16 June 2017

Smart Comment

WALT : Predict on what you think what will happen next in the book that your currently reading .. 

Today im reading the next chapter of The Bone Tiki , the chapter that im up to is chapter 6 and I think its about Matt going with someone somewhere with a girl or boy called Kelly , I think hes with someone because as it says his mouth tastes all sour and has a funny taste in it and it seems like he hasn't brushed his teeth in days , so that gave me a clue that he hasn't been home , In the first paragraph in the book it seems like he misses his dad because the first thing that came in his mind was the dad , after thinking about the dad he started to realise where the tiki is . He starts to get feelings like he lost the bone tiki , but as it said in the first time he stole it from Nanny Wai's funeral that Mat's dad new "important " client needs it badly , if Mat lost it and can't find it then probably something bad will happen to the dad or Mat , The Bone Tiki is tapu ( special ) and if something bad happens to the tiki then as I said something bad might happen to Mat or the dad .. I wonder what will happen next?... 

Please comment .. 

Yesterday Learning Space One was commenting on Tamaki Primary School people. I comment on Irys because she had a good blurb. 

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