Thursday, 7 December 2017


LI: To Learn How To Write A Narrative.
This week on Thursday, I have been working on my Writing for the Must Do Task List, As you can see I have wrote a narrative about What Three Things Would You Do If A Baby Could Make People Invisible. As I wrote this narrative, we had to type down four paragraphs.

What Three Things Would You Do If A Baby Could Make People Invisible

Centuries ago, there were 5 male priests named Voken, Deliodas, Youki ,Mallus and Henoroten, who Were Brothers. The 5 Priests could born a baby with magical powers with a drink of power that they blessed, There were 5 elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air and one rare magical power which could turn people invisible. Until that day, The 5 priests coffin was hidden in a magical place with the drink included. As the sun went down, the moon came up, there was one guy and his child who discovered a powerful force that was in the countrie of egypt.

As he discovered a  powerful force, he unlocked the powerful force by saying, the one who worships the 5 priest should now be welcoming me. He got the key by bringing a book that has a lot of ancient words. As he went inside the powerful force, him and his child baby was teleported to a circle with five different signs. As he saw a drink he went closer to it, until he knew, the drink glowed, then the drink went flying into the baby's mouth, making the baby having one element of 5. As the baby drink the holy water, the baby glowed and got teleported to america, as the baby got teleported to america there were 3 strangers going closer to the baby.

After the baby sneezed at a stranger, the stranger was invisible, as the stranger went invisible, people were pushing him, so then he got freaked out and ran as fast as he could not seeing a car right in front of his eyes and sadly got crashed. As there was an accident, the second stranger came, then the baby did a fart leaving the guy with a smell of eggs, as he smelled the eggs, he turned invisible and got a gun out as people were walking into him.

As his invisible faded , the cops came and arrested him. Soon the drama kept on coming as the last guy came with a evil look on his eye. Then the baby burped making the guy invisible, as he went invisible, the guy bring out a knife trying to stab the baby. But as 25 five men came and protected the baby, the stranger ran and never came back.

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